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Hello! I was wondering if there was a community for estate salers, and was awfully happy to find you. I started saleing as a little girl with my grandfather in Dallas, first to garage & yard sales, and later graduating to estate sales when I was in my teens. My grandfather is in his 90s now, still saleing on a semi-regular basis. It's a kick to go with him - he dresses in his rattiest worn-out jeans (the sort that perhaps might have been blue when Levi Strauss himself sewed them), a thread-bare button-down short-sleeved shirt which is so thin, you can see straight through it, and in the winter, a knit cap pulled down over his ears. He drives a little white car stained all over with rust, and he looks so completely pathetic that I have seen folks GIVE him things instead of charging him the fifty cents marked on the tag.

Then, of course, he takes that formerly-fifty-cent-item-now-free to the consignment shop and sells it lickety-split for $10. If he were thirty years younger, he'd probably be making a killing on eBay.

Following in my grandfather's footsteps, I seem to have very good luck. I was only able to hit one estate sale yesterday (although there's two more which I hopefully can make it to today), but I did awfully well for myself anyway. The hit of the day was a Beatrix Potter Paths and Burrows game set. I don't have a picture to prove it, as I was on my way to a friend's house immediately after the sale, and as she is a fan of Beatrix Potter, I naturally gave the game to her. The link, however, will take you to a description of the game and a picture of the box. My version was in remarkably good shape, with only one small tear on the box, and no instructions included.

List Price, although it seems to be out-of-print everywhere: 18 British pounds, which is roughly $36 with today's exchange rate.

My Price: $3.

Of course, by posting now, I've pretty much destroyed my chances of finding anything good today, but we'll see. The houses are in the expensive part of Northern Virginia, there's always hope that at least I'll see some good architecture!
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