Amandabot (clankyrobot) wrote in trashytreasures,

my thrift conquests from may and june

this place hasn't seen too many posts lately, so i hope to liven the place up. behind the cut is a picture of my thrift finds from may and june. i'm in orange county, ca which is notorious for its lack of thrift stores, but i'm usually able to find something in the ones we have. in june, i was also in mountain view, ca for awhile and a lot of these gems are from there, where the thrift stores are much more abundant. enjoy!

clockwise from top left: 1. vintage little girl wall hanging. 2. this great wall plaque that tells women how to get plump! 3. our kitchen area, in which everything came from a thrift store except the table (ikea) 4. i snagged an entire box of mason jars! the second box i've found at that thrift store! 5. my first bundt cake from my thrifted bundt cake pan, and behind it, our vintage crock pot! 6. vintage lemonade carafe for summertime 7. tv dinner plates 8. vintage pyrex nesting bowls 9. a set of owl mugs - so cute!

feel free to post questions or comments about the items.
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