Cori (corizilla) wrote in trashytreasures,

The Winner/ Makeup Bunny.

I thought I'd share the two latest purchases from the DAV thriftstore.

.95 cents apiece.

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I can't get a good picture of this dog to save my life. Basically, he's holding his snout up in the air, has a little statue of a nude woman in one hand and a book in the other. His base proudly proclaims him as The Winner. Though, I'm not sure what he's the winner of...if someone could clue me in on that one, haha. He's delightfully tacky and fits in with everything else I have.

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This rabbit was created by someone who initialed the bottom C.H. It sat in the DAV thriftstore for about two years. Everytime I went in there, I would make fun of the little bunny. Then, I started feeling sorry for it. I decided last week, that I would buy it if it was still there...sure enough, it was...and it was pretty dusty too. It looks like a baby bunny that got into it's mama's makeup. Quirky for sure.

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