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Show us your finds!'s Journal
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Monday, August 13th, 2007
12:06 am
Green headboardWon this full-size bed for $10 at an auction last week. I had admired it but had almost left the auction early, thinking this bed would be out of my price range. The green is much more muted than it appears in the photos.

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Sunday, August 12th, 2007
8:34 pm
My treasure!
Lookit what I found at Goodwill for $6; and all but one of the lightbulbs even work!! =O)

Sunday, July 8th, 2007
8:02 am
Hello! I was wondering if there was a community for estate salers, and was awfully happy to find you. I started saleing as a little girl with my grandfather in Dallas, first to garage & yard sales, and later graduating to estate sales when I was in my teens. My grandfather is in his 90s now, still saleing on a semi-regular basis. It's a kick to go with him - he dresses in his rattiest worn-out jeans (the sort that perhaps might have been blue when Levi Strauss himself sewed them), a thread-bare button-down short-sleeved shirt which is so thin, you can see straight through it, and in the winter, a knit cap pulled down over his ears. He drives a little white car stained all over with rust, and he looks so completely pathetic that I have seen folks GIVE him things instead of charging him the fifty cents marked on the tag.

Then, of course, he takes that formerly-fifty-cent-item-now-free to the consignment shop and sells it lickety-split for $10. If he were thirty years younger, he'd probably be making a killing on eBay.

Following in my grandfather's footsteps, I seem to have very good luck. I was only able to hit one estate sale yesterday (although there's two more which I hopefully can make it to today), but I did awfully well for myself anyway. The hit of the day was a Beatrix Potter Paths and Burrows game set. I don't have a picture to prove it, as I was on my way to a friend's house immediately after the sale, and as she is a fan of Beatrix Potter, I naturally gave the game to her. The link, however, will take you to a description of the game and a picture of the box. My version was in remarkably good shape, with only one small tear on the box, and no instructions included.

List Price, although it seems to be out-of-print everywhere: 18 British pounds, which is roughly $36 with today's exchange rate.

My Price: $3.

Of course, by posting now, I've pretty much destroyed my chances of finding anything good today, but we'll see. The houses are in the expensive part of Northern Virginia, there's always hope that at least I'll see some good architecture!
Friday, July 6th, 2007
1:26 pm
my thrift conquests from may and june
this place hasn't seen too many posts lately, so i hope to liven the place up. behind the cut is a picture of my thrift finds from may and june. i'm in orange county, ca which is notorious for its lack of thrift stores, but i'm usually able to find something in the ones we have. in june, i was also in mountain view, ca for awhile and a lot of these gems are from there, where the thrift stores are much more abundant. enjoy!

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Tuesday, May 29th, 2007
9:43 am
Good morning guys! I managed to hit a few sales this weekend. It was not a real productive time. I found a few little things but mostly the sales were stinkers.

My favorite find this weekend is this Diane Arbus book that I got for $1!
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Thursday, May 24th, 2007
3:53 pm
Monday, May 21st, 2007
9:59 am
I haven't been to any garage/estate sales in the last few weeks & it is killing me! We're going next weekend though, finally.

I found this poor plant next to the dumpster at my mom's apartment complex on Saturday. I brought him home & am going to do my best to revive him. The planter they kept him in is so ugly it hurts my feelings.

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Wednesday, May 9th, 2007
8:49 am
found chair
I found this chair in the alley last night! The husband put a laundry basket on the chair late last night & it left an indentation in the cushion. The chair is dusty & has leaves on it but it seems to be in good condition. I'm going to clean it tonight.
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The husband thinks its really ugly. I dont know. I like it.
Tuesday, May 8th, 2007
2:17 pm
Danish modern chair
i just found this in the trash...

the person who did the reupholstery on this chair did a horrible job
this is a total piece of fabric + crazy gun tacker incident

i will strip it all down, sand & revarnish the wood, and try to do a decent upholstery job... even though i have no clue how to :/

it has potential, right?
Sunday, May 6th, 2007
11:05 pm
Some recent finds

Fruit plaque, $3 (plaster? chalkware?)
Fruit plaque
Big square green/gold chair for 11yo son's room, like new, $20
Seventies chair"MOM, this is 2007, not the SEVENTIES."

Friday, April 27th, 2007
6:57 pm
Denture Holder, German Thermometer, Baby in Tub.
I went to an estate sale and it was awesome. My batteries in the camera were low, and they died before I took too many pictures, which is okay because there was probably too much there anyway. haha.

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This is a denture holder. It's kinda interesting, eh?

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Tuesday, April 24th, 2007
11:14 pm
A friend of my mom's gave me this. She got it as a white elephant gift and is a bit too prudish to appreciate it.

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Monday, April 23rd, 2007
9:01 am

here's another one.

im pretty sure 25$ for this riviera is a deal, especially since all we had to do is get new tubes and realign the back tire a little bit. :]
9:55 am
We had another fun weekend full of garage sales!

I didn't buy anything big this weekend. Mostly books & planters.
I did find this poodle at an estate sale for $12. She has pearl earrings & a thermometer coming out of the middle of her chest.
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Thursday, April 19th, 2007
10:11 am
I picked these up at an estate sale this weekend.

Jadeite bowl $2
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Platter $1
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I'm in love with my cheap, fancy dishes!

X-posted to vintage_dish
Monday, April 16th, 2007
12:54 pm
The Winner/ Makeup Bunny.
I thought I'd share the two latest purchases from the DAV thriftstore.

.95 cents apiece.

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10:23 am
I hit the sales again on Saturday! My friend & I filled up a mini-van.

I bought this swag lamp for $5!
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I was sure that the husband would hate it, but he didn't! He was almost as excited about it as I was! Who knew?

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Monday, April 9th, 2007
8:53 am
Hey gang! I wanted to show off my weekend haul. I'm so excited!

We started out the day at an over priced moving sale. I was pretty disappointed until I hit the bookshelf.
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Sunday, April 8th, 2007
10:45 am
Thoughtfulness book
For some reason, my style has become particularly kitschy. Well, I found this awesome book, full of cards...and all the right colors, yesterday. :P Yellow, gold, and orange. woohoo. It was just the right price at a dollar and came full of some of the most cheesy cards that you would ever want to see...and I thought I would share.

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Thursday, April 5th, 2007
11:10 am
It's truly trashy
So, I was helping my friend paint her apartment (lucky her, she's got great landlords), she asks me, "Would you happen to want an erotic statue?"

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